Reading Assignment 10: Encouraging Participation and Asking the Right Questions

This reading was helpful.  It gave more insight into the process and results of the five practices.  Give an example of the five practices being used gives the reader more of a reason to like them.  To me, the five practices is a great guide for teachers on how to direct their class as well as the discussions involved in them.

I feel like this reading really shows how most teachers should conduct certain classes (I feel like it would work for all classes but you can never be too sure).  By teachers following this process, they are aware of what questions to ask and what time and how to answer students’ questions.  They would know how to encourage more participation and more questions to be asked by their students.  I know that when I was in elementary school I didn’t have many teachers answering my questions with any answer that wasn’t just the answer I was looking for.  I never really got any “whys” or “why do you think that is right” or anything along those lines.  I was only provided with the answer to the problem and yes, at that time that seemed great and helpful but as I look back at it today I feel like I could have definitely benefited more from know why that answer was the correct one and anything else that might go along with the subject.

I feel like this reading and this process of the five practices as a whole is completely beneficial to the teachers and the students.  In the end this reading really proved to me how great the five practices can be.  Just by seeing how a teacher could motivate children’s discussions and getting them to voice their opinions and ideas was great.  I know that this can be very difficult for most students because they are still afraid of being judged from being wrong or sounding dumb.  I know this because I often feel that way.  Therefore, for a teacher to have the ability to make that feeling go away is a great accomplishment.  Overall, I think the author got their point across on how great the five practices are.  I definitely think that not only the students learn from the teachers but the teachers learn from the students as well.


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